Recognizing the importance of forests and water resources to human life, Focus Mwanandenje, The Village Chairman of Kisula village in Nkasi district, Rukwa, has made significant steps in ensuring effective management of water sources and forest.

Mr. Mwanandenje fully takes advantage of natural resources management training and tree seedlings distributed by LEAT through Usimamizi Endelevu wa Maliasili Activity. The trees planted and the security provided in the area has led to the improvement and protection of the Kamawe water source that provide water for domestic uses and channels its water to the iconic Lake Rukwa.

"Enforcing villagers to plant trees was not easy. Tree planting is not their culture. Each house had to plant a minimum of five trees, and we then deliberately planted water-friendly trees around Kamawe water source and in Nauzi forest".

Tree-planting effort derived from the promulgated and approved by-laws which set regulations, fines, rights, and responsibilities to protect natural resources in Kisula village. 


Due to conservation efforts, healthy grasses and trees are growing at Kamawe water source in all weather conditions.

LEAT through Usimamizi Endelevu wa Maliasili Activity has worked with the 15 Village Councils in Sumbawanga and Nkasi Districts since 2020 to increase the ability of villagers to participate in natural resources management, adapting and mitigating climate change effects.


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