LEAT engages in advocating for legal amendments and policy reforms in environmental protection and natural resources management. Similarly, since establishment LEAT has implemented projects that have raised the awareness of communities, their authorities on the importance of adhering to good governance in the management of the environment, and natural resources.


LEAT facilitated 56 villages (24 in Morogoro and 32 in Iringa region) to promulgate village by-laws on natural resources management and government. To date villages from five district councils, three in Morogoro region (Malinyi, Kilombero, and Ulanga) and two from Iringa region (Iringa District Council and Mufindi district) have been reached. 56 of the promulgated village by-laws established village Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) teams as organs that among many functions fosters public participation, accountability, and transparency in the management of land, natural resources, and environment in those villages.


In September 2019 LEAT joined the world by organizing a one-day “World Climate Strike” campaign in Kisawasawa Primary and Secondary Schools located in Kilombero District Council, Morogoro. The local campaign was part of the global action to denounce the inaction of decision-makers on climate change issues. The campaign in Tanzania aimed to call upon the parents and the government to take action on climate change in response to the global climate emergency.

To mitigate climate change, a problem that among many is caused by the use of fossil fuels, students and stakeholders planted 100 trees in and around Kisawasawa Primary and Secondary School premises. Planted trees which will in the future beautify the school, provide shade and act as carbon sinks to the ever-increasing Carbon dioxide problem.