Lawyers' Environmental Action Team (LEAT), is a public interest environmental management and protection Non-Government organization, registered under the NGOs Act of 2002. It is based in Dar es Salaam Tanzania with another office in Sumbawanga.  It undertakes research, policy advocacy, public interest litigation, awareness raising and training in the field of environmental and natural resources management and protection. LEAT seeks to engage a reputable independent qualified audit firm to carry out annual statutory external audit of its books of account for the financial year ending 31st December 2023.


Audit Objective


The objective of the  audit is to obtain reasonable assurance that the financial statements reflect a true and fair view of the financial position of the organization. The audit will be performed in accordance with with International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS), International Standards of Auditing (ISA) and as per Tanzania National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA)and applicable regulations.  The audit report will include an Independent Auditors Report (Opinion) on the financial statements. The audit will also include such other required schedules or analyses as LEAT has determined are necessary in order to ensure that program resources are being properly managed. The auditors should assess the organization's compliance with the provisions of the Tanzania NGO Act of 2002 and other relevant applicable regulatory authority.



Applicants must  submit the request for Expressions of Interest with documents showing: 

  • A Firm profile and proof of legal certificates;
  • Experience of your firm in relation to auditing accounts for NGOs in Tanzania and , or elsewhere, and  provide references for similar audits performed within the last three years;
  • Provide audit methodology, proposed work-plan, curriculum vitae for the partner, manager and key staff proposed for the audit team; and
  • Technical &financial  Proposal.




The key deliverables under this call are:

  • Audited Financial Statements indicating if accounting standards have been applied and whether they reflect a true and fair view of the financial position of the organization;

  • Management Letter where matters that are not material to the financial statements, but have effect on the operation of LEAT

  • To present the report to the Board of Directors;

  • To complete the audit on time i.e. within 3 months after end of the year; and

  • All reports shall be presented in English language.


The Expression of Interest bearing the following title External  Audit Proposal should be sent to LEAT Executive Director using the emails:

  • The deadline for submission of the proposal is: 16.00 HRS, 08th December 2023

  • For any questions, send an email not later than 5th  December 2023

  • ONLY electronically submitted proposals will be accepted.

  • Only shortlisted bidder will be contacted.


NB: LEAT shall not be bound to accept any bid and will not be responsible for any loss or expenses incurred by a bidding firm in the process of its bid submission. LEAT reserves the right to accept all or part of an offer.





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