Arresting of Illegal logs

In Kiwere village, Iringa

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Arresting of Illegal logs
Lawyers’ Environmental Action Team through its project of Citizens Engaging in Government Oversight in Natural Resource Management funded under the generous support from United States Agency for International Development (USAID) conducted onsite trainings to Village Natural Resources Committees, Village Land Use Councils and Village Land use Committees on Natural Resource Management and Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) at Kiwere village in Kiwere ward.

The training commenced on August 13th to 19th 2014 and it involved Village Natural Resource Committees, Village Water Committees, Village Land Use Committees, Village Land Councils, Some representatives of Planning and Economic Committees, Famous and community accepted village representatives as well as Religious representatives (Christians and Muslims). These committees were trained on Natural Resource Management and Social Accountability Monitoring.

Two weeks after Natural resources Management and Social Accountability Monitoring trainings, village authorities at Kiwere village undertook their accountability role through holding accountable a villager from the nearby village (Mgera village) who was arrested at 9 hours pm with a tractor of firewood from village forest illegally harvested. Thus LEAT facilitators on their way to Kitapilimwa village on September 4th, 2014, were called by the Ward Executive Officer one Mr. Joseph Dickson Mwasote and told them on the accountability role played by some of the participants.

As the photo below displays, on the left is LEAT Field officer Miss. Hanna Lupembe getting information from Village leaders of Kiwere Village and Mr. Samson Fuko Secretary General of MJUMIKK regarding the way the villagers managed to arrest those responsible with illegal harvest in village forest. By the time of getting the information from Village leaders the suspect was still at the village office which is seen behind the tractor.

Forest destruction has been common in this village and the village authorities testified that knowledge gained from these trainings has become a useful tool in combating illegal harvest of forest resources in Kiewere Ward in Iringa Rural District.

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